Robyn understands that the key to Illinois’ future success lies in providing a quality education for all its children.  She is working to create a true cradle to career education system that enables the full potential of every child to lead purposeful and productive lives into adulthood. She advocates to ensure that all public schools have the resources they need, including measures to make funding more equitable across districts.  She emphasizes the importance of supporting teachers through better pay, professional development opportunities and resources to help them succeed in the classroom.  She is committed to making higher education more affordable and accessible, including supporting measures to reduce student loan debt and increase funding for scholarships and grants.

  • Co-sponsoring legislation that allows Illinois schools to offer full day kindergarten beginning with the 2027-2028 school year
  • Providing historic funding levels for K-12 students across the state, increasing overall education funding by more than $1 billion
  • Providing funding to address mental health at our colleges and universities
  • Raising the minimum salary for teachers
  • Expanding child care assistance eligibility so 80% of Illinois families will pay less for child care
  • Creating an early childhood workforce consortium among higher education institutions that will expand both the size and skill level of educators and caregivers
  • Awarding more than 24,000 additional need-based grants for students and increased the maximum size of each scholarship to a record amount
  • Making Illinois the first state in the nation to push back against book banning by withholding state funding from any of the state’s public or school libraries that remove books from their shelves for censorship. Adopting the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, statewide, indicating that reading materials should not be proscribed, removed, or restricted because of partisan or personal disproval.
  • Allocating $45M for teacher vacancy grants
  • Increasing funding for career and technical education
  • Requiring higher education institutions to provide official transcripts to students when requested, regardless of if the student owes a debt to the university.