Good Government

Good Government

Robyn believes that our democracy is based on “one person, one vote”. She has successfully made Illinois a national leader on voting access and expanded rights for the most marginalized. Robyn knows good policy thrives when government is operating with efficiency and accountability.

Her signature government reform efforts include:

  • Passing Automatic Voter Registration: Applications for a driver’s license can now serve as an application to register to vote or update registration. Further enhancing the ease of voter registration, citizens may now register to vote at their polling place on Election Day.

  • Championing voting rights for justice-involved populations: Cook County Jail is now the first jail in the country to be an official polling location. Additionally, everyone leaving prison receives a voter registration form. This legislation works at the intersection of voting rights and criminal justice reform to increase access to the ballot and civic knowledge for Illinois’ incarcerated population.

  • Support of term limits for leadership.

  • Township consolidation: Representative Gabel led the initiative to eliminate extra levels of government, thus reducing administrative costs and streamlining responsibilities.

Robyn is consistently heralded for her progressive reform positions and has been endorsed by the Independent Voters of Illinois – Independent Precinct Organization (IVI-IPO) a local progressive organization, Citizen Action, a progressive civil liberties advocacy group, and both the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times.