Prioritizing Fiscal Responsibility

Robyn is committed to ensuring that the state maintains a balanced budget, avoiding deficits that could burden future generations. She advocates for careful and efficient use of taxpayer dollars, prioritizing spending on essential services while eliminating waste and inefficiencies in government. She is dedicated to addressing the state’s pension liabilities in a way that is fair to public employees while also being sustainable for the state’s finances. She believes in fostering economic growth to increase state revenues without raising taxes.

  • Added $700 million of pension stabilization investments to the state’s pension systems over and beyond what is required.
  • Created and funded the state’s Rainy Day Fund that holds $2.1 billion as of July 1, 2024.
  • Enacted balanced budgets every year and received credit upgrades for the first time in two decades, lowering interest rates and improving Illinois’ finances.
  • Paid down state’s bill backlog and eliminated late bill payment, saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in interest.
  • Reformed police and firefighter pension funds to increase assets and reduce the burden on property taxpayers.