Reproductive Rights

Robyn is a formidable advocate for reproductive rights, dedicated to safeguarding the right to choose and opposing any attempts to restrict abortion access. She champions comprehensive reproductive healthcare, ensuring everyone has access to essential services like contraception, prenatal care, and safe, legal abortions. Through her legislative leadership, Robyn actively works to protect and expand reproductive rights, fighting restrictive measures and promoting supportive laws. Her commitment extends to securing adequate funding for vital reproductive health services, including Planned Parenthood. Additionally, Robyn supports comprehensive sex education and outreach programs, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.

  • Shepherding passage of the Reproductive Health Act, establishing the fundamental right to reproductive health in Illinois, even as it is threatened across the country; requiring private health insurance plans to cover abortion as they do other pregnancy related care; and repealing old laws restricting abortion and reproductive healthcare.
  • Requiring every public institution of higher education in the state to provide emergency contraception for sale in at least one vending machine on campus
  • Protecting vulnerable youth, such as victims of rape, incest and domestic abuse by repealing the Parental Notification Act, ensuring that youth have access to the compassionate care they need from health professionals, including abortion, without being required to notify their parents or legal guardians.
  • Clarifying our laws to protect physicians, physician assistants, nurses and advanced practice registered nurses from disciplinary action in Illinois for performing services related to abortion in another state that are legal here.
  • Sponsoring bills expanding healthcare coverage for birth control and improving comprehensive sex education in public schools.
  • Increasing Medicaid reimbursement rates for abortion services and a new expansion of Title X funding through the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) for family planning and reproductive health service providers across the state.
  • Restricting access to healthcare information from being accessible towards another states investigation.