Women's Rights

Robyn Gabel is passionately dedicated to ensuring womens’ rights to healthcare, economic equality, and freedom from violence and discrimination.

Robyn’s career for over twenty years before public service was building a not-for-profit from the ground up into a major force in Illinois on maternal and children healthcare. She ran for State Representative to continue that work and hasn’t looked back. A trailblazer in Springfield, Robyn now makes it her mission to mentor other progressive female elected officials and do all she can do to lift up young women and girls.

On behalf of women’s rights Robyn has:

  • Ratified the Equal Rights Amendment which ensures women cannot be discriminated against in their workplace on the basis of gender.

  • Shepherded passage of the Reproductive Health Act which ensures that in Illinois reproductive health is treated like any other healthcare even as it is threatened across the country.

  • Passed the No Salary History Act which does not allow an employer to inquire about an applicant’s salary history to ensure historical inequities do not continue.

  • Passed sexual harassment reform measures in Springfield.

  • Established nursing rooms in the capital so mothers can work and advocate.

  • Sponsored bills expanding healthcare coverage for birth control and improving comprehensive sex education in public schools.

  • Established nursing rooms in the capital so mothers can work and advocate.

For her stalwart leadership, both Planned Parenthood and Personal PAC have always endorsed Robyn’s candidacy.