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    State Representative Robyn Gabel

    Standing up for
    the 18th District
    and the Future of Illinois

    State Representative Robyn Gabel wholeheartedly fights for the interests of our district in Springfield. She is a stalwart defender of the rights of women, voters, and those impacted by the justice system. Robyn continuously works to reform our healthcare system and human services delivery to make sure no one falls through the cracks in the social services safety net. She builds coalitions to protect our neighborhoods from gun violence and our environment from degradation and overuse. 

    The Work Continues

    Attempts to pillage our public natural resources for private gain, to control the way women feel, think, and act, to disenfranchise voters and re-segregate minority populations, to devalue the health and lives of neighbors based on differences of race, gender, creed, or sexuality, to minimize the threat of the Covid19 pandemic are an ongoing occurrence with the current administration in Washington, DC. We need to come together to stop their destructive agendas and build a bulwark of good governance and common sense that can withstand these attacks in Illinois. We need effective and thoughtful people in every layer of government. We need to re-elect Robyn Gabel because she has a proven track record of preserving the rights and protections of our most vulnerable populations.

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    Advocating for the 18th District,
    And the Future of Illinois

    Robyn’s legislative record has won her recognition from the March of Dimes, the ACLU of Illinois, Midwest Asian Health Association, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Access Living, the ARC of Illinois, Sierra Club, Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force, the Illinois Public Health Association, The Coalition for Illinois Midwifery, Illinois Dermatological Society, Political Fund of Illinois, Illinois Hunger Coalition, Transportation for Illinois Coalition, Campaign for Better Healthcare, The Council of State Governments, Illinois Farm Bureau, American Health Association/American Stroke Association, Planned Parenthood, Center for Developmental Disabilities Advocacy, HealthConnect One, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Alternate Schools Network, Illinois Asset Building Group, Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity, IVI-IPO, and the Illinois Environmental Council, among others.


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    When I started my grassroots campaign to represent the citizens of the 18th District, it was powered by small dollar donations and the hard work of committed volunteers. If you can support my campaign for re-election today with a donation you will be helping me continue my fight in Springfield. 


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