State Representative/Majority Leader Robyn Gabel works tirelessly in Springfield to ensure our district and our state have the resources our communities need to thrive, including critical health services, early childhood education, support for our seniors and most vulnerable populations, public safety, and a clean and safe environment. As an advocate for our shared values, She works to build an inclusive government, while maintaining a focus on Illinois’ fiscal health.

Illinois State Representative Robyn Gabel

The Work Continues

We need to come together to stop their destructive agendas and build a bulwark of good governance and common sense that can withstand these attacks in Illinois. We need effective and thoughtful people in every layer of government. We need to re-elect Robyn Gabel because she has a proven track record of preserving the rights and protections of our most vulnerable populations.

Proudly endorsed by

Citizen Action Illinois
AFL-CIO of Illinois
Chicago Federation of Labor
Personal PAC
Sierra Club Illinois
Illinois Federation of Teachers
Planned Parenthood Illinois
Equality Illinois
International Union of Operating Engineer Local 150